Tessera meaning ‘mosaic’, is a metaphor for bringing together forms and patterns to tell a story of the whole. It is Jemika Parikh’s labour of love. Her interest in all things creative evolved from her formative years of doodling, immersive cultural experiences at school and university, travels and teaching art. In addition, the influence of her grandfather, who introduced her to various forms of fossils, minerals and sculptural plastic vestiges, can be seen in her collections. Tessera has become a channel for creative expression and design, offering home accents, serveware and jewellery. Whether it’s a casual brunch or formal dinner, our serveware is versatile, makes plating fun and the presentation a notch better. The products’ earthy aesthetics make them adaptable to a diverse palate and home environments. In our products, you will find a play between minimal Zen and maximal land or seascapes.

"Our products aim to trigger imagination, are interactive and have an element of fun."

Our collections are inspired by disparate themes. The Stemma range of platters is inspired by the concentric patterns of a tree trunk’s cross-section, each telling a story of their formation. The Orimono collection recreates origami forms to tangible and usable pieces of serveware. The Terra Firma collection is inspired by textures, forms and colours of topography and landscape. While the Fossil collection includes multi-functional boxes and serveware accentuated with stunning handpicked fossils, the Interact series showcases unique serveware forms which give food a visual narrative.